You’ll Melt More! Exactly How I Like Them

I wasn’t paying too much of attention to You’ll Melt More! over the past couple of weeks — they put out more dance videos and Mannequin Challenge stuff probably, and even dropped a live video yesterday, all of which eventually just kind of becoming this miasma of YMM that I didn’t have the energy to invest in too much. I thought they were done with the real-deal video promos for discopsychedelica, and I’d generally been underwhelmed.

Underwhelmed to the point that I mentioned in the chat around the podcast last weekend that YMM is still good and cool, but I’m still waiting to get anything from them that’s anywhere near the level of “ONLY YOU.”

Oh, good morning, You’ll Melt More!(!) What’s this you’ve brung me?

Talk about the nail on the head. There’s a weird thing between how YMM usually presents themselves (slightly unhinged weirdos), how their music usually sounds (upbeat, frenetic, creative, spastic) and where their actual wheelhouse is (dreamy, moody, evocative). I mentioned “ONLY YOU” before, and it’s probably the most standout of everything they’ve done just because of the way it blows past any and all expectations of any one particular YMM brand trope and, I don’t know, it should be the most-viewed video on YouTube and isn’t.

But take a lot of the stuff that they were releasing late in 2015, around the time of You Are the World, including songs from that and from their feature film, and man, that’s the good stuff. And that’s a long way of introing this song into that same tradition, which was a well that I was desperately hoping for them to go back to, and definitely then use to promote themselves, because YMM giving you feels is the best kind of YMM, and these are good feels, even if the song (songs, really) makes me kind of sad.


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