Heck yeah, GREAT MONKEYS! What a group. Just like the totality of idol in here, and they’d be about six months old at this point if– well, if you haven’t been keeping score at home, they:

  1. Released one of the awesomest songs of 2020 as a debut single
  2. Actually debuted
  3. Almost immediately went on hiatus
  4. Announced that the group was disbanding
  5. Clarified that it was only mostly disbanding actually
  6. Proved it
  7. Set a re:start date of tomorrow
  8. Dropped the below this morning

Absolutely my kind of project. I love fun things, and I love chaos for the sake of it; if they started doing atmospheric blackgaze and gave themselves names like Idol ov Hell, they’d be my literal perfect musical interest ever. But! As it stands, this is what we have with the re:start:

So really more of a re-shuffle in fact

Well that wasn’t anything like what I expected! I do however have to give GREAT MONKEYS credit for finding themselves a track that would have been all over TRL in 2000, though, and for delivering it flawlessly and convincing me that I will continue to invest time in this group in a way that definitely has nothing to do with my perpetual rooting interest in Julie but in the same way that I committed to the mishmash several years ago, and you see what they just did!

But seriously, you can keep doing this if you also do the hyper-infectious poppy punky thing. Len was cool and all, but there’s a reason why they only ever had that one hit.