I’m Sharing Avandoned Because I Like Them, Okay?

If you’ve been around the site for a little while, you may remember how friggin’ excited I was to go to see Avandoned perform as part of Hijokaidan’s U.S. tour a few months back, and how much I enjoyed my first idol experience (I’m not counting Babymetal for once).

I’ve been reticent about talking them up too much on here because, as an alt-rock/alt-pop project, I always felt that they were more appropriate for the Sister Site That Will Never Be, this being especially true because not a single member of Avandoned scares me and I’m pretty sure that none of their songs are about things like suicide or depression or drugs or whatever.a

But because I like them and I like you, here’s some recently added live video.

The group’s had some membership turmoil just since I saw them; from that incarnation, Konomi (the old leader, who I believe has gone solo or something, it’s hard to tell) and Yuta (who was apparently a troublemaker) have both departed, and new member Kotao has joined Natsuki and Beni (who I think is the new leader). That doesn’t matter unless you’re like OMG AVANDONED!, but it matters to me okay.

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