Just One More Heartbreak Graduation for the Year! Natsuki out of Avandoned

Why ever love anything?

Our pal Brian at Supreme Nothing let me know about this a few days ago: Natsuki had such a sudden departure back around the 20th that she’s not even having a farewell show. She’s just out.

This post on the Avandoned website sums it up: It’s apparently creative / direction differences (and, given the tenor of the whole thing, probably some personal issues too). Her Instagram is gone (HOW WILL WE KNOW WHAT SHE’S HAVING FOR DINNER?!), but Twitter has a long string of messages that contain her farewell thoughts and thanks:

Literally just start with that one; it goes on a bit

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I’m Sharing Avandoned Because I Like Them, Okay?

If you’ve been around the site for a little while, you may remember how friggin’ excited I was to go to see Avandoned perform as part of Hijokaidan’s U.S. tour a few months back, and how much I enjoyed my first idol experience (I’m not counting Babymetal for once).

I’ve been reticent about talking them up too much on here because, as an alt-rock/alt-pop project, I always felt that they were more appropriate for the Sister Site That Will Never Be, this being especially true because not a single member of Avandoned scares me and I’m pretty sure that none of their songs are about things like suicide or depression or drugs or whatever.a

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Guess Who’s Going to See Avandoned?

This is so cool, you guys:

The tl;dr version of all of this is that legendary noise rockers Hijokaidan are headlining a small-venue U.S. tour with a bunch of in-and-out artists of similar bent, and they’re taking their alt-idol project, Avandoned, with them.(!)

Very cute, Beni.
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