Younapi Puts the Y in YMQ…

Our dearest Younapi of YOU’LL MELT MORE! is just a whirling dervish of activity! Aside from being a member of one of the most prolific oddball idol groups around, she’s consistently making the rounds as a soloist, DJ, artist, clothing designer, and now, because that just wasn’t enough to hold her attention, she’s got herself a new band project!

YMQ (A quiet little nod to the legendary YMO?) is going to be an acoustic-leaning project with Younapi and two fellas named Mamoru and Hashidakazuma respectively. I’m personally very excited about this being an unplugged sort of endeavor. Lately I’ve been mildly burnt out on the louder-louder-faster side of things, and nice, relaxed lo-fi project sounds like a solid prescription for the weariness of the world as we slide into 2018.

The group will make their live debut later in the month, and currently there’s no hints yet of what this project will sound like. For a frame of reference, Mamoru also heads up a band called MAMORU AND THE CRITICAL HITS, and here’s a video of them performing that at least demonstrates that there’s going to be some real technical chops at Younapi’s disposal. I’m hoping for something cool and indie,  but not so indie that we can’t buy their music without a secret digital handshake or something.

Another thing, I’m glad this isn’t an “idol” project. I’ve always held this feeling that there’s a real long-term plan going on inside Younapi’s mind. All of these various projects she involves herself in, are of course, done out of love and passion, but also it demonstrates that she’s thinking beyond her idol career. I certainly adore YLMM!, but it’ll be satisfying to see in the years that eventually come how Younapi transitions into an inevitable post-idol multi-media artist.

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  1. YMQ is actually a pretty old band project that did indeed used to be known as YMO (standing for Younapi Minimum Ongakudan; the “Younapi Minimal Orchestra”). The band is simply changing their name to YMQ, which is where this article comes from. Newer fans might not have heard it, but their cover of SUPERCAR’s “cream soda” is essential YMM! listening (here! – the fun part is that a SUPERCAR member would go on to produce the lead track to YOU ARE THE WORLD.

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