Your Homicidols Weekender #61

Hello my friends! And also detractors and possibly enemies! How are you? I recently did a number of things that I’d never done before (home repair and maintenance stuff) and, while a few of the tasks were a struggle at first, I found them settle into a comfortable groove and and was able to not just get the job done, but now I’m kind of hankering to do more of it. Unfortunately, the thing about plasterboard walls, for instance, is that you shouldn’t just up replace panels because you’re bored or want more practice. The same can be said for bathroom tile, laminate flooring, etc.

The best exception to the rule? Paint! You can change the look of a room in a comparable hot minute with just a handful of tools, a gallon or two of pigmented latex and the time and willingness to do the job. I’ve been painting for years, but these latest projects have me trying out new techniques and trying to get more creative with borders and alternating panels and the like. It’s in the details that the difficulty comes in, like when you get it into your head that the walls of your finished basement should bear some … well, I’ll show you when it’s done, which could be a while.

But the point! It’s the weekend. It’s usually a great time for DIY projects, but forget all that. Let’s have fun instead. You, you can decide on what’s fun for you, but I hope it includes playing the Fun (which I haven’t even gotten to yet!) and giving some of the items below a crank. You owe it to yourself!

He’s a DIYer Now?

For real, pour one out for one of the guitar kami, Fujioka Mikio:

Yes, we officially live in a world where there are DJ projects called kissmenerdygirl and REVENGE PORNS, and nobody thinks this is weird:

That BiSH track will ne available soon:

And there you have it:

Synth de La Eve put out the full version of that MV:

Chitti’s old group, Tsuyogari Sensation, is still at it:

Did you know that xoxo EXTREME is on Bandcamp? I didn’t!

This wasn’t what I thought it was going to be:

BURST GIRL lyrics!

I still love this:

Poppy creates high-quality content on the Internet:

Koutei Camera Actress!

Here’s 969, a capella:

The trailer for WiLL’s album:

And here’s why Kaqriyo Terror Architect teased out 17 songs in the past week:

This is what being a WACK fan does to your brain:

Here’s some additional SHiX live video:

This story is weird, but take note of all of the details, accurate and in-:

Who’s down for a super fancy-looking PassCode photobook?

Dubstep idol, sure:

In the event that we haven’t yet discussed these solo vocal performances by the wonderful former penguin idol known as Cococo:

Or her very important affinity for other avian species:

Hey, BIRTH has a single, and a tour, and friends!

I’ll just let Mr. Viz handle the Sola Sound thing here:

This is some really solid idorock:

Have a great weekend!

Again, Crust with Strings is one of the best follows in the blogosphere

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  1. Cococo may have gone blonde since you posted that!

    Also, in more important hair news, Lingling’s 15 minutes of dreads has come to an end. I love my problematic fave.

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