Their Latest Single Is Proof that ayumikurikamaki Were Replaced by Doppelgangers Who You Can Only Tell Aren’t Real by Noticing How They Didn’t Have Enough Fun Programmed into Them

Yeesh, you guys. So despite the perhaps apparent statements to the contrary, I actually listened to a good bit of idol during my hiatus — I just didn’t have the energy or wherewithal to do anything with it, which sucked! But yeah, plenty of listening, and I’ll eventually get around to musing about much more of it as a way of making it seem like I’m not a completely lazy jerk. Today, though, I’m only going to bring up my single most disappointing idol release of the year, and in fact maybe in the last several. Is it the worst? Didn’t say that! Is it bad? That’s subjective, player! But, like, pick for yourself synonyms of “disappointing” and “boring” and “uninspired” and “cash-grab” and you’ll be all set to fill out the Mad-Lib that you’re using to review ayumikurikamaki’s latest single, “”, because that’s all the level of care and concern it deserves. Continue reading

I Am So Sorry for Ever Having Doubted You, ayukuma

I have not been too shy when it comes to discussing my general antipathy toward former partycore bear idols ayumikurikamaki ever since they were struck with a horrible curse (we can call it, Getting a Major Label Deal!) and being confined to human form, which seems to have sucked little fun from the members but a lot of the awesome out of their music. They partly righted the ship, and then did a nice job following up on that, but I desperately missed the idols who did “JET KUMA STAR” and, no matter how generally supportive I was of the look they were going for on this new album, I was skeptical. After all, in idol, the line between edgy and cringy is a thing one anymore.

I am so, so sorry for having had any doubts:

Thank you, Mr. Major

Listen to that dang song! It’s not the ayukuma that I wanted, but it’s definitely one that I’ll take. I didn’t know they were capable of getting so loud!

What I shared with you is a Google Drive file that Mr. Viz Major uploaded for the world’s enjoyment, as the YouTube Red racket has many a Japanese label and management company restricting access abroad. However, if you are able to view the thing on its proper home, you should do so.

I am suddenly very interested in this album and may make the desperate move of actually trying to buy it. Madness!

If Ayukuma Wants to Keep Trying, I’ll Keep Giving Them Chances

All right, I know that I said that I might be kind of done with ol’ ayumikurikamaki, but then they largely redeemed themselves and I feel like it’s worth bringing up the fact that one of the single most fun projects in idol is releasing a second major album:

That’s what you call old news!

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I Bet This New ayumikurikamaki Is Really Fun

UPDATE: The video is here

Man, you guys, there’s nothing quite as exhilarating as new party idol music and video, you know? I’ve been cautiously hype about this newest offering from Ayukuma since it was announced, and now it’s here, and I just know that it’s absolute aces. I just know it — even other People On The Internet think so! And the Internet is never wrong!

Look, they’re so stoked about it!

Nothing would excite me more right now than to put press Play and enjoy these lovable goofballs doing lovable goofball stuff right on my screen! And I bet the song is fun! If only it were actually something that I could watch at some point along the line of trying 12 different proxy services!

Apparently, everybody who isn’t Japanese needs a proxy

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I Can Only Express My Feelings about the New ayumikurikamaki Single via Emoji

However, the presence of my own editorial standards (yes, they exist, smart-ass) precludes my actual using said emoji to communicate, so we’ll have to settle for words.

What matters: Ayukuma is doing the theme music for another anime, and will be releasing that song as a single in December:

That’s a long time away! Continue reading

It Turns out That We Can Feel Pretty Good about the New ayukuma Single

Happiness is waking up to a notification from ayumikurikamaki’s VEVO, and the video actually plays in your country!

It’s the full, actual MV for “Kizuna Mix”, which we heard before and I was in the process of running down because I enjoy being spectacularly wrong about things. Continue reading

So How Do We All Feel about the New ayumikurikamaki Single?

If I hadn’t seen a stray tweet that made me want to look at their whole feed, I would have totally missed this couple-of-days-old news from ayukuma:

New single (in September), with a free tour to support it. That’s cool? Continue reading

Summer Was Made for ayumikurikamaki

I wish there was some new music to talk about, but there isn’t, not really, and not in the case of three bear idols who are now people. Instead, ayukuma has big festival plans for the summer because of course they do, and we may as well get ourselves a kick out of it, same as them.

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There’s Fresh ayumikurikamaki Available Now Too

I think all of us were pleased that the lovable ex-bears of ayumikurikamaki made a bit of a return to form for their “Goma slipper” single, from the sound to the fun attitude of the video. The release itself happened last Wednesday, but they put out this additional MV for the B-side, and yes, ayukuma, thank you:

I don’t always associate the bears with pop punk, but it’s basically tailor made for them. Continue reading

Did ayumikurikamaki Debut a New Song?

This one’s actually from several days ago, team, but I haven’t seen much more about it out in the world (and have been a little busy, thank you very much). But check it out!

If our favorite former bears are on their way to Budokan to return to bear glory, and this is part of the soundtrack of that journey, I’ll be pretty okay with it. This is the music that ayukuma should be making.

Happy Wednesday, and gird your loins for the first open matches of the Corenament!