IDLE is DEAD: A Conspiracy Theory to Shake the World

So I wasn’t going to write about this. I already wrote a big thread on Twitter. But then John poked me asking why this isn’t on here, then I realised that running an idol news blog never stopped Maniac going full-on tin foil hat, so you know what? Screw it.

I’ve come to the (probably false) conclusion that something big is going to happen soon. Something big enough for me to be sat typing nonsense at 2:00 a.m. Something that will really shake up the idol world as long as you’re a WACK fan, probably. My theory?

Nozomi and Uika are going to quit BILLIE IDLE and re-join BiS.

And I have evidence to back it up!

So, let’s get to the most obvious thing; the names of BILLIE IDLE’s most recent album and tour. Sure, Uika said that this didn’t mean that it was literally the last BILLIE IDLE album and tour. However, it could be implying that it’ll be the last album for BILLIE IDLE as we currently know them. A recent interview with our favourite gremlin Watanabe seems to suggest this too:

Watanabe has been all about shaking things up with his groups pretty much since the beginning, but 2017 especially has been a year of change, as it begins to evolve into some weird alt-idol version of AKB48 and suggestions of further group shuffles in the future.

The biggest news to come from WACK this past year was certainly the member swap between BiS and GANG PARADE, which led to Kamiya Saki returning to the group that jump-started her idol career. Initially only a temporary switch, now it seems that Saki’s place in BiS has been set in stone, meaning that now with Pour Lui there are two pre-reboot members currently in BiS. And while the move was a shock to many, a lot of fans have since warmed up to having Saki in BiS again (and Aya fits in well with GANG PARADE) and it wouldn’t be surprising at all that Watanabe might want to bring back as much of the “glory days” of BiS as he can get away with. Most ex-BiS members have since moved on away from the WACK life, but there’s still two more that are under his control; yes, it’s true that BILLIE IDLE aren’t actually an official WACK unit, but they’re still produced by Watanabe, and he can do whatever he wants with them. Twitter user @baccibloo actually came up with a way that this could work:

I also think that those BiS auditions could tie into things. Anyone find it odd that these auditions are not being live streamed this time around? With the last two WACK auditions being streamed to the world (as long as you have a Nico Nico premium account) it seems a bit strange that this audition is to be held in (sort of) secret. This is Junnosuke “Will take every opportunity to exploit every idol for the cameras” Watanabe we’re talking about.

Now remember the circumstances surrounding this current BiS audition; announced almost immediately after the news that Pour Lui had been suspended for failing DiET OR DiE, with an apparent weight requirement, obviously announced to stir up some feathers in the WACK fandom because “how dare he potentially kick out and replace BiS’s founder for such a disgustingly shallow reason?! What a prick.” Of course, as we all know, Lui came back, everything seems fine now, at seven members there really is no need for new additions, so that audition was obviously just a troll job, right?

Then why did Watanabe continue to update on the audition process even after everything was settled??

My theory: It’s a fake audition, and Watanabe is going to announce Nozomi and Uika as the real “winners.” Considering a lot of people are still pretty miffed over the Pour Lui thing (just check out the nominations DiETgate has for Best Of 2017 so far!) announcing the return of two beloved ex-members of a BiS many of those fans are nostalgic for would be just the thing to win them back over to the WACK side. Some of the more skeptical wota did begin to pay attention again after the re-addition of Saki, so it would make perfect sense that Watanabe would try to pull something like this again. Plus it gives him the satisfaction of being like “HA, I GOT YOU SUCKERS GOOD!”

Now let’s take a little look at the album art for “LAST ALBUM”:

Pretty damn apocalyptic, right? It’s easy to say the album art alone signals the tragic end of BILLIE IDLE, from the empty ruins of a previous album cover to those crying birds in the corner. But then you look at the inside cover and things get real interesting (Huge thanks to @taeminpala on Twitter for pointing this out).

Is it just me or does that limp female figure remind you of someone?

Why, it looks like she’s wearing an IDOL is DEAD-era BiS costume! It could be easy to assume from the hair that this is supposed to be Pour Lui (or it could be Wacky but that’s a whole other conspiracy theory) — another indicator of what’s to come? And on that note, BILLIE IDLE’s current costumes are reminiscent of the IDOL is DEAD costumes too, but that could just be a coincidence.

So what’s going to happen to Momo and Akira? Well, if BILLIE IDLE doesn’t disband, then I think they’re going to either carry on BILLIE IDLE without Nozomi and Uika, or start a new unit. They could either add girls from the BiS audition or swap out some current BiS members for this. It would seem like a waste to just get rid of them, and the Watanabe quote I brought up earlier suggests that there are no plans to completely kill off BILLIE IDLE, just change them.

But anyway, here ends possibly the longest article I’ve ever written on this website, totally fueled by crackpot theories and reaching every straw in the house! What do you think? Does this sound like something that could really happen, do you think something else will happen to BILLIE IDLE, or do you think everything is just going to stay the same? I’d love to hear your ideas!

6 thoughts on “IDLE is DEAD: A Conspiracy Theory to Shake the World

  1. I said it when BiS reformed: as much as I like BILLIE IDLE, I would cheerfully throw them on the fire to have Uika and Nozomi back in BiS. But I can’t see it. I just think Uika enjoys having “her” group too much, and one in which she is relatively isolated from all the WACKy stunts.

    • I just want to say, while I appreciate that First Summer Uika, who is a literal goddess and only mingles with other humans in the form of “idols” because she doesn’t want to shatter the veil between our world and hers, would want to keep with the project that she made and almost completely held together for three years so far and no necessary end in sight, I can also understand how she could be lured back to the WACK side without having her quit her contract. It basically comes down to whether working directly with Lui (who is no doubt more mature and chill) would be worth it ($$$$). But a BiS+ doing a (real) final album and tour could make a ton of money, more than 2014, and “richer” is a really good way to go out.

    • I couldn’t imagine life without the last BI album bi bi bi bi bi, it was my AOTY last year so I def don’t want them to revive the Who Killed Idol crew who I think put out the the Album I like the least of the old guard, of course I was a huge fan of the first album most people don’t mention lol. Plus I love the new BiS, personally my favorite BiS lineup for sure. I just have a feeling that two members are moving on and a new member added, or it could mean absolutely nothing but IDK if Watanabe does anything without a reason. Of course this could just be an epic troll job!

  2. Good job Kerrie. Glad I could give you a little shove to get this out here. Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory.

  3. The two birds in the corner are interesting symbolism, could represent two surviving members for sure. The inside cover is very interesting, does it say Plan on his hat, and could those letters on the back building be something we are missing hmmmmm. Personally I think Lui is going to leave BiS and this is the reason for Saki joining. Will she join BI IDK I doubt it but really that would be cool as a short term deal, personally I’m really liking all these WACK antics and the collabs kill. I actually can’t wait to see what happens, but knowing Watanabe there is definitely a Plan!

  4. It’s Chitti. Look at the guy’s shoes carrying the girl. He went to save her from the mud pit in the “Hoshi ga” MV. Chitti is going to BiS. The brown bird is Uika leaving BILLIE represented by the green head Mallard duck that will be the new BI logo & colors. If you look at the brown bird it has on a black shirt. The standard black IDOL T-shirt that BiSH (and BiS) are known for but you can’t see the BiSH logo on the back because the duck’s beak is covering it. Uika is going to BiSH.

    The sign in the back has been destroyed and the letters did fall off but the first “S” remaining at the bottom also got misplaced. Notice that UM is together like that right? Then below it is S, S, and I. That first “S” slipped from the top so it should be right above where it is now. The full wording should be “FIRST SUMMER IS BISH”. What looks like an “I” is actually an “H”with the pieces knocked off due to the damage.

    One or two new members from the audition will be joining BILLIE IDLE making it a brand new group and image just like NIGO and Watanabe talked about in the interview.


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