I Think This Is the Final Song from Psybou Kanojo

Discovering and then losing Psybou Kanojo in the span of a week earlier this year was a little bit of a blow: I was momentarily fan-smitten with this solo idol crushing some of the most violent, this-is-what-the-word-means idolcore you’ll ever hear, and Utena Yuki’s sudden departure from the project was unpleasant.

She did ultimately hold a final farewell live a couple of weeks ago, and I was holding out hope for some live video from the event (a vain hope, as it turned out). But tweets like this, indicating that attendees would be able to access unreleased music, made me wonder if maybe that stuff would find its way online:

Unless I’m even more wronger than usual, I do believe this was the giveaway:

We haven’t heard the last of Yuki, though; as this promo tweet for a, uh, very dark and metal show in two weeks indicates, she’s involved in a new project called Fate:

To get more Yuki, that’s great (I mean, that whole billing looks great). And given that all of Psybou Kanojo’s Internet presence is still alive, I think it stands to reason that somebody else may come along and pick up that mantle.

6 thoughts on “I Think This Is the Final Song from Psybou Kanojo

  1. That’s a really good song. This project honestly had some of the best music, heavy and harsh(and not in a half-hearted bullshit way like we almost always get from the idol world) but still catchy, energetic and fun…
    Whoever wrote and produced the music really know their shit, does anyone know who they are and if they have something new in the works?

    • Here’s a little bit of credit info: https://www.discogs.com/Psybou-Kanojo-%E7%B4%B0%E8%83%9E%E5%AE%A3%E6%88%A6/release/8288921

      The way the original message (that Yuki was quitting) from management read, it sounded like the conceptual project might ultimately continue without her, similar to how 969 said “969 is gone, but we’re going to have auditions for the thing that will follow” which you can presume will sound and feel really similar, just with different personnel.

      As for who that management is, I don’t know! POPTABLE is a label, but it’s also held up as if it’s the management, so maybe PK works like Fruitpochette in that the label is the agency, too.

      • Well, i certainly hope they in some capacity continue to create music in the same vein as PK as they are real good at it.

  2. My take on this was she had a major hand in the music end and had POPTABLE representation as a label, maybe not too much “management”.

    The Unmei/Fate is a joint thing with Necroma’s Sari and (maybe) others. Wait and see, I guess.

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