So Viciously Sweet: The Very Loud Work of Psybou Kanojo

Before THINKING happens, let’s just…

Kinda needed that.

Meet Psybou Kanojo (“Cell Girlfriend”? Help me out here.). Utena Yuki. She’s the living embodiment of being on point. This is the Twitter.

I don’t want to say that I have an aversion to solo idols musically or conceptually, but I did start work on this site with a “no solo performers” rule. Part of it is that there are gradients of murderous intent in this world, and the borders between “I’ll slit your throat for funsies” and “I have a tenuous-at-best connection to what you’re all about” get particularly blurry once the more fully conceived dynamics and rules of a group are gone.

Plus, the “no bands” thing. It’s easy to say “Sorry, BAND-MAID, you’re really good and everything, but this isn’t for you,” but solo performers have this tendency to do things like play their own instruments on stage and stuff. Like, is Saki from GuDro still an idol when she’s 2&?

But yeah, I like to add a little about Hanako-san from time to time, and Next Shoujo Jiken is here (solo mostly due to Mai’s stabby tendencies), and I did this post once, so why am I arguing with myself?

Anyway, there’s no reason to engage in normal blog levels of navel-gazing. The music is why we’re here. And Psybou Kanojo’s is good and loud and violent and I want to learn a lot more of Yuki and what she’s about and then have her play my nephew’s birthday party.

Enjoy your Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “So Viciously Sweet: The Very Loud Work of Psybou Kanojo

  1. The official MV you posted, I can only describe as the soundtrack for a sushi bar coke binge. Sometimes a 90 second song is all you need to make your point. Reminds me of the early eighties punk/hardcore bands like “The Exploited”, as most songs were less than 2 minutes. Great pre thrash metal stuff. See Ya

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