Never Trust Me Again: FreFre Chime Fes Is Done

Granted, it was before Yukueshirezutsurezure made this happen and Shidare issued an open challenge to the rest of idol’s harsh vocalists and NEVE SLIDE DOWN appeared out of nowhere and BiS was brought back to life and and and, but I wasn’t kidding when I said that I thought FreFre Chime Fes might be “the future of idolcore.”

They liked that so much that they started tweeting this:

Like, every day.

Now, “The Day in the Life” is a cool, neat song, and the other material of theirs that I shared, while different, was also good in its own way. When you consider that, not all that long ago, the quality of the pool was somewhat shallow, it stood to reason that a relatively new group setting itself up with major international social media not called Twitter and reconfiguring their sound to adapt to emerging trends probably had a pretty good idea of what a path to success looks like.

Instead, two whopping months later, they’ve announced their dissolution:

The article linked there basically says that they didn’t meet their goal of TIF or JAMxNatalie EXPO, so it’s time for the remaining four members to pursue other endeavors.

(added) Here’s a statement from Mizuni:

As far as breakups go, that’s pretty amicable and fair (I sense none of the acrimony of petit pas!’s breakup, for instance. But it still sucks, regardless of what all’s happening at the intersection of idol, punk, hardcore and EDM.

My best to the members, and may the creative management team have better fortunes with another project.

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