#NowPlaying Bitter Notions of Opportunities Lost

What with idols leaving their groups and entire projects folding and all of that, I’ve been in a reflective mood, and it took me back to Psybou Kanojo.

Newer people probably weren’t around when I first discovered that particular sunbeam of chaos, so the sheer excitement of finding songs like this hasn’t worn off yet:

So pretty.

Yuki’s very sudden departure was the first one of its kind that I’d ever experienced, an idol just flat-out quitting. Psybou Kanojo management is still trying to get all of the tickets suitably refunded a month later. That’s so punk that it makes my heart hurt.

But anyway, I come back to Psybou Kanojo about once a week or so; musically brilliant, really everything that “idolcore” could aspire to be without the on-the-nose pretensions of certain others who are very good in their own right but still seem like they’re trying to show their parents that they are so that cool and good. This stuff is Yuki on a stage, by herself, idoling with a point.

I always said that I wouldn’t be profiling the defunct after the fact, so this list of videos is really just for the sake of sharing them in the hopes that Yuki may be done but the Psybou Kanojo project is able to resurrect.

Here’s the official playlist, with full shows on it.

And for your Saturday chores-doing pleasure, enjoy that this YouTuber was good enough to loop that fantastic “Most Violence” chorus for an hour, so just let this take your mind to places full of joyous chaos.