This PSYBOU KANOJO Return Is a Cruel Tease

Imagine my reaction when I saw this:


This Monday Match Game Got You Covered

You know, I’m a pretty big fan of the defunct-but-also-DAIDAIDAI-inspirational PSYBOU KANOJO, if you hadn’t noticed, and I’ve been spending some time over the past week or so doing a bit of retrospective. Not everything was pure gold, but there was enough creativity and heaviness and power and heaviness and beats and heaviness that I can still throw on some of Yuki’s live videos, or go through the old Soundcloud account, and have enough godDAMN moments that I go right back to being really sad that Yuki called it quits basically out of nowhere.

But we still have her music! And because of that, we can play with it forever.

Last week’s Monday Match Game gave Osaka Shunkashuto a slim win over Q’ulle in a true idol dance-off; this week, we’re going heavy, but we’re going heavy in a completely different way than usual.

PSYBOU KANOJO had some great original music, but also some great covers, and it’s those personal versions of others’ compositions that we usher into Homicidol Arena. The thing is, the referee (e.g. the polling widget) doesn’t like Soundcloud, so what you’re going to use to vote are the originals … but you’re going to be voting FOR the PSYBOU KANOJO versions. Make sense? Continue reading

I Think This Is the Final Song from Psybou Kanojo

Discovering and then losing Psybou Kanojo in the span of a week earlier this year was a little bit of a blow: I was momentarily fan-smitten with this solo idol crushing some of the most violent, this-is-what-the-word-means idolcore you’ll ever hear, and Utena Yuki’s sudden departure from the project was unpleasant.

She did ultimately hold a final farewell live a couple of weeks ago, and I was holding out hope for some live video from the event (a vain hope, as it turned out). But tweets like this, indicating that attendees would be able to access unreleased music, made me wonder if maybe that stuff would find its way online:

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Now It’s Deathrabbits’ Turn to Get the Idolcore Mashup Treatment

Because we like opportunities to smash the creations of others together to celebrate the best things about each entry and take it all to another level, and oh because there’s this contest going on, and also because it involves Psybou Kanojo again and that’s a very germane topic and it involves Deathrabbits, who I haven’t had much opportunity to share around lately, here’s a cool one.


What Is Dead May Never Die: Psybou Kanojo Lives (Once) Again

In all the excitement of that mashup with BiSH, it was necessary to check in on the world’s most intense solo idol who as of March was d-u-n done, project canceled. What a good idea!

Yuki will be making an actual official farewell appearance as Psybou Kanojo on August 21. Oh, great, that’s stupid. No, don’t you get it? Obviously nothing is set in stone or whatever, but just the fact that they booked a performance gives hope that maybe, just maybe, Psybou Kanojo can live again. I think the logo got updated, too. Continue reading

Have a Very Violent Tuesday on Me

In the spirit of all this idol mashup goodness, I finally get to share one of the coolest Large Hadron Collider-esque moments in music: BiSH’s “Deadman” meets Psybou Kanojo’s “最◎暴”.

c/o Jul’s protected account, created by this genius YouTuber

Correct: Two of the most violent pieces of music that idols have ever been associated with, when combined, actually become even more violenter.

I hear things like this, I feel like anything is possible.

#NowPlaying Bitter Notions of Opportunities Lost

What with idols leaving their groups and entire projects folding and all of that, I’ve been in a reflective mood, and it took me back to Psybou Kanojo.

Newer people probably weren’t around when I first discovered that particular sunbeam of chaos, so the sheer excitement of finding songs like this hasn’t worn off yet:

So pretty.

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Couldn’t Hack It, I Guess: Psybou Kanojo Has Immediately Quit

In no way is this a joke.

Literally, immediately. H/T @Jul3rd

So we have a problem. Continue reading

So Viciously Sweet: The Very Loud Work of Psybou Kanojo

Before THINKING happens, let’s just…

Kinda needed that.

Meet Psybou Kanojo (“Cell Girlfriend”? Help me out here.). Utena Yuki. She’s the living embodiment of being on point. This is the Twitter. Continue reading