I Think That Himekyun Fruit Can Is Doing Okay!

All right, let’s dust ourselves off and take a gander around the idolverse now that we’ve settled on a #1 contender for Queen of the Scene. Hey, YouTube, what’s this that you’re showing me from a few days ago that I completely ignored? Why, it’s Himekyun Fruit Can, a few months into their resurrection, and a live video that’s less “live video” and more “we wanted to release an MV and this was literally the cheapest way to do it”:

A breakdown! I have no idea why that’s appended to the song (leading to the world’s briefest guitar solo, no less), but I’ll take it. The song’s fine; I’m more interested in the fact that HKFC is a thing that lives in this world again, and that they stayed on the louder side of the coin. Of all of the prominent first-generation loudol units*, Himekyun was always, I thought, not just among the reliably best, but one of the truest users of rock music of various stripes — line them up against the bevy of idorock groups who shall remain nameless but are usually a good time on their own, and you see what I mean. There was a lot of quality in there, quality that showed across the entire family, and it’d be nice to have it back.

And now that we’re living in a pre-post-FRUITPOCHETTE world, it’s like Mad Magazine is starting to take this stuff seriously again. All we need at this point is for one of the Cunes to get a reboot!

*I’m blurring history, yes; you know what I mean