I Have No Idea What the Hell yandoll Is Doing

Please tell me there are some yandoll fans out there. This all-time weirdo group has always made the most of their sickness theme for at least as long as I’ve known about them, with some very cool musical moves that unfortunately have always kind of been overshadowed by promotional gimmicks and general weirdness. Nothing wrong with that! Idol is kind of self-definitive that way.

But the reason that I hope there’s a fan or two who can chime in is that I literally stopped paying attention to yandoll a while ago, save for as the occasional Weekender filler, because this is at the end of the day a music website and see above, so I don’t know if this latest, uh, promotion is tied to anything or just the kind of thing idols will do for shits and giggles. It’s a who-has-the-best-video-short contest?

Winner is determined by views, I believe. Or, more appropriately, loser is determined by fewest views, and then that person has to run from HQ to the venue in 100 minutes, which … I guess it all depends on how far away the venue is!

Anyway, here’s the series (so far?):

Good luck!

Oh, and they’re recruiting, if you’re interested: