Let’s Talk about This New Owaranaide, Yoru Album

It’s Christmas Eve, and while I know* that most of the International Idol Communiverse is terminally online, really and truly the last thing we should all be doing right now is, well, what we usually do. But you know, I have this big-ass stack of late-season idol stuff that I didn’t get to make blog posts about, and I have some free time, so let’s catch up.

Owaranaide, Yoru! We here at Homicidols Dot Com have always appreciated this cool project, though circumstance meant that we haven’t covered them directly in a while. Sorry about that! They actually did a lot of great work this year, which I encourage you to check out, but first and most trenchantly is this latest from their just-released EP Kore wo Ame to Yobunonara:

It’s obviously super late to be talking about 2020 Best Ofs, and very early for 2021, but my dudes, I really hope that you go listen to the whole record (and then spend more time looking at what else Owayoru did this year) and reach the same conclusion that I did — this is lovely stuff, maybe not quite as consistent as you’d like for something that you’d elevate with all kinds of superlatives, but you can definitely spare a few. “Mother Depth” is great, obviously, but consider if you will the clear and obvious theme of the EP and this particular song’s place in it, especially relative to the first real track, “Daremoinaisekaide”, and let yourself take the journey that you’re meant to be on as you listen to this with noise-canceling headphones in a dark room with your eyes closed.

Despite the removal of time (and having missed previous work from 2020 in particular), I have to say that I’ve really enjoyed the progression in Owayoru since inception, to some degree in how they sound but also some just in pitch and direction. Kore wo is seriously a great listen, and I hope that it gets you following the people behind it a little more closely in the coming year.

That’s not a review, by the way. I have a queue to clean up and more stuff to get to! Give it 4/5 heartbleeds and consider it an endorsement!

*Because I identify with it, see