I Feel Like I’m Not Good Enough for merry merli

The year is rapidly coming to an end, and I find myself thinking more, and more frequently, about the year that was. It wasn’t great! Last year was an embarrassment of riches, from individual songs to full albums to huge moments, whereas this year’s had a fraction of that on pretty much all counts (unless it’s NECRONOMIDOL-related, apparently). One thing that I really do feel good about, though, is merry merli. No, not their debut — at least, I don’t think they debuted this year — but how they never fail to put me into this glorious post-rock mental place.

At last glance, they were working with Aoki Misako on an album and tour (a tea party tour), and it was cool. And now there’s a trailer for it!

Now, that sounds interesting, and it’s a shame that not enough people are going to notice merry merli for their actual contention for a major year-end award to actually make a difference. However, I know how great they are, and they know how great they are, and maybe this album will be something that can vault them ahead a little bit.