Did You Catch the Latest from merry merli?

You guys know I like sleeper somewhat recent debutantes merry merli. I don’t always get it, but what they’ve put out so far has been cool and smart and with just enough edge to keep me paying attention. Low-key compelling material will get you far, kids!

This latest video of theirs is from a couple of days ago, and I originally put it into the Weekender as a cautionary tale (i.e., never assume that an idol group is going to keep doing any one thing, especially when that one thing and their visual style kind of clash), but it’s interesting enough and has enough of a story behind it that I wanted to pull it back out … for funsies:

It’s a like yume-kawaii Maison Book Girl!

Yeah, that’s more like you usually expect to get from lolita idols who are apparently sneakily a band as well.

The fourth person in there is Aoki Misako, president of the Tokyo Lolita Association because of course that exists and such a person therefore becomes famous, and it’s not even the first time that merry merli and Misako collaborated:

They’re currently embarking on a … live and tea party tour for reasons that I can only assume are very lolita:

But yeah, just fyi on what for a minute looked like the darkest lolita idol project on the planet: You can’t always get what you want, but maybe just chill and let whatever come, because you might like that too.

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  1. These are probably my favourite thing you have introduced me to in 2017. It’s so unusual that a group who are primarily based on a visual style or theme, also have really good songs to go with it as well.

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