I Am Incredibly Happy about Bury

Like, the song that they shared out yesterday is the reason why, which I hope you enjoy as much as I did:

Why is this such a rich year for new and newer idols, when last year was basically just one long slog of bad graduations and me wondering if this whole rock business had crested? Bury’s just doing right things, and every new song that sounds good as hell, every hi-res live photo, every accessibility-enabling development fills me with glee about their prospects.

What’s funny: You know who’s not going to be at TIF (possibly except to hand out promo flyers for their upcoming gigs)? Bury. And here they are with a track that’d be worth risking ejection to flail around in a pit to.

What’s serious: I’ll be the first person to admit that I never would’ve listed this chika-ass trio as a likely contender to stand apart from the rest of the loudol hordes, and yet here we are. I’m not saying that Bury’s destined for international acclaim or anything, but I’d make a point of seeing them if I were in Japan, and I’ll (obviously, this being case in point) happily encourage others to get meaningfully into them. The only thing about them that makes me sad is that Shihori had such a poor showing in the Queen of the Scene battle royale!

Interestingly, at least in terms of how I relate to them, I find myself thinking of Bury in much the same way that I did Tsurezure a couple of years ago — here’s a unit that’s supported by deceptively good music, with the talent matched well to it, and what seems to be fairly savvy management. The fine women of Not Secured, Loose Ends have a substantial, loyal following, and they’ve ventured further abroad than most idols could ever dream;* I don’t think it’s out of the question for Bury to achieve at least that much, though whether they’ll find themselves doing a collab with a notorious American metalcore screamer does remain to be seen.