It’s Time for Another Tsurezure Song! Also Holy Shit!

How many days has it been since the first time that Not Secured, Loose Ends, the idol formerly and technically still known as Yukueshirezutsurezure, teased the first track from their upcoming exFallen album? Enough that it’s time to have another one!

Ir’s the usual two-hour window, but that’s okay; here on, time has no meaning!

Listen forever right here!


開かれた今 少し戸惑う扉 満たされぬまま 過ごすには眠い
「君、誰ですか?」問いに首をかしげ 「誰なんだろう?」内深く尋ねる

遠い記憶 泣けないぼく 氷菓子も溶け出すほど
寂しくない…? 微かに在る? 叫ぶ声が

躊躇いや後悔など 置き去りでいいの 心から求めてる ぼくの衝動
絡まると運命こそ 抗うと決めた 其処に鳴る 夜明け前

瘡蓋はまま 君と出会った証 傷ついてても 歩いてく夢で
「君は誰ですか?」胸に宿った光 絶えない今は 信じている泣く程

ぼくの声と 重なる度 色は咲いて

灰色が輝きだす 明日を見つけて 鼓動は早くなるの ぎゅっと詰まって
涙などいらないのに 溢れ出るモノに 君が名前をつけて。

迷っても いいんだと 笑いかけた 色もなかったこの世界

君の声と つれづれなり 溶け合う

灰色も輝きだし 夢じゃない此処で。鼓動は早くなるよ ぎゅっと抱きしめ
涙などいらないのに 溢れ出るモノに ぼくは愛を誓おう。

That’s some old-school-ass Tsurezure right there! Opinions were mixed on the self-titled first track (I liked it mucho), so where are you all on this one?

And a Very Special Announcement

Do you know who’s guesting on vocals, somewhere on exFallen?

Fucking Fronzilla, that’s who.

Like regardless of your opinion of Attila, this is a savvy-ass move that’s going to score the group a lot of attention. I just hope that nobody shows up on stage or in a buppan line wearing Atilla’s most notorious shirt.

5 thoughts on “It’s Time for Another Tsurezure Song! Also Holy Shit!

  1. god dammit. i dont want male vocals in my idol (remember that Candye Syrup songs). and especially not this kinda shit vocals. how to ruin a potentially good album.. fuck
    if this becomes a trend i’m out.

    also i looked up that shirt.. anyone seriously wear that shit? its fuckin cringeworthy. and i dont like using that word.

    • Love or hate the vocals, the fact remains that Attila’s got a great big presence among the youngs, and a single tweet by Fronz could do more for Tsurezure in one shot than all of idol blogging was going to accomplish in years of covering them. I love it.

      The shirt, on the other hand … I’m glad you found out what I meant!

      • i have discussed this with someone else.. but thats the biggest problem. they figure out they get stupid kids to buy their music if they get some horrible backing vocalist from apperently populair bands to appear, then they will just keep doing this ruining the music i enjoy for some cheap cashgrab.
        while most people they try to lure in wont stick around ether, so youll just end up hurting/dissapointing your exisiting fanbase for some extra album sales

  2. When you said Attila I was hoping you meant Csihar. Now that would be an epic guest appearance. On the other hand, (the original) Maniac has much closer links to Japan (as he’s married to Vivian Slaughter) and so that wouldn’t be bad either. Although I imagine if he guested with certain groups (like Burst) I imagine one member (like Rei) might pull a Necrobutcher and kick him down some stairs.

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