There’s That Zenkimi MV!

Gah, and it’s even for the exact song that I wanted it for!

I have to catch a train but maybe I can update later but my bob is my heart swelling right now. You knocked it out of the park, you ridiculous weirdos.

Update! I’m still so happy about this. “Female Genome Phenomenon” or whatever is probably my favorite track on NEORDER NATION, and it got the MV honors. I hope they do another one, for laughs; the tropes may wear a little thin over time, but nobody does MVs like Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da.

The album is a great time, by the way. I don’t know if I’ll have time to review it, but trust me, NEORDER NATION is worth your time and deserved to be in Of The Year conversations. So too this MV!

One thought on “There’s That Zenkimi MV!

  1. I’d be extremely interested to read your review for this particular album. You know that the limitations of time are basically just an illusion.

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