Hodgepodge Idols, Please

I give up! 2018 wins. I spent the better half of last year complaining the rock idol was passe and eventually going to be just some dang thing, and how does the universe respond? By laying it on thick, that’s how. Hakuchumu. Toricago. Wyenra. Just to name a few!

And now, after once again doing that ever-so-crafting trick of looking up idols who appear on other idols’ Twitter feeds, I give you the latest entry from Osaka (ofc), a polyglot rock unit that I frankly couldn’t be more excited about. Listen to this loudness:

Or, if you prefer it in video form:


That’s mishmash (Twitter). They’re new, but picking up a lot of steam already and why can’t there already be a lot more of it? As it is, and as you may have guessed from my unnecessary-but-semantically-accurate use of the word “polyglot”, they don’t really limit themselves by genre. Like, maybe your tastes veer more toward skateboard-friendly skacore:

Tell me that you didn’t think of “nerve”

The members are even excellently named (my personal favorite is the First Summer Uika-inspired From Today Yamada). What may ultimately set mishmash apart, though, is that they have more financial and logistical support than your average chika bear, and are planning on getting out of the immediate Kansai area to play in other idol hotspots. Frankly, given the “we’re created by a media company and will tour all the hell over” thing, they remind me of Zenkimi, and in exactly only that way because all comparisons beyond that would be insane.

I may have an absolute favorite so far for 2018 debuts, but mishmash is right the hell up there, too, and I wouldn’t begrudge anybody wanting to get on this bandwagon before it crosses the boundary from “they liked my tweet!” to “remember when they used to be cool?”.