May We All Embrace Toricago

You know how there’s always at least one idol project our there that just perfectly aligns with your tastes? It might not be the one that you wind up stanning the hardest for, the one you listen to the most, etc., but you also can’t stop watching, and you always wish that you could give it more energy?

Indulge me for a moment and take a step back, all the way back to March or so, when Pure Idol Heart first shared this clip:

I recall thinking the same thing that I often think about groups on the first, preview kind of look: That’s nice and fine, I’ll do a little placeholder for them right now, I can come back to them if they make something of it.

Not everybody does! Some projects never really get off the ground, or they release one thing and then never move forward, or everything that they do subsequently is either bad or boring.* Fortunately, though, more often than not, the next step is at the very least worth keeping up with, and then you have something to follow and it’s cool.

And sometimes, what you get is that idol group.

Say hello to Toricago (Twitter). They’ve only been alive since March, but they’re putting together the kind of look and sound that might help them stand out enough within the ever-crowded Tokyo chikascape to make a difference and produce lots of music and stuff that makes Maniacs want to not shut up about them at parties.

That’s the good stuff. It is bolstered by a strange love of weird photography from management:

Also, you know how I feel about penguins

Also everything about this shirt:

I like this group. I’m going to continue to like this group. You should, too.

*I’ve long wanted to do a quarterly sort of IDOL DUMP post, where all of the detritus of idols best unrecognized and/or forgetten gets preserved in HTML for eternity, but it always feels kind of mean