Hakuchumu Has Landed

While you go ahead and get yourself familiar with Hakuchumu, I’m going to get things warmed up a little bit. Last week, @Eyex1st pinged me about a new group. With new stuff. And a … eccentric producer. And, naturally, an entire Pringles tube full of interesting.

Just look at this series of teasers:

My very first thought was that this was a project up to something, whatever that might be. It was all in the service of setting up:

“Zettaiteki Illusion!”

I don’t know, you guys. I mean, in so many ways, this is another Sunday piece and we can take a step back and appreciate where more things land when more things are available; in so many other ways, the turn of idol toward art-rock is an incredible thing to be part of*, and every new debut feels like peeling away the skin of an infinitely pleasurable orange to find a Kinder Surprise toy inside. How many of these have there been already this year? And over the last? Different styles, different approaches, different aesthetics, but one thing in common — down with cookie-cutter music, and up with something a lot more interesting than standard idol fare.

Hakuchumu might be my favorite on the lot so far. Music and style, yes, but you can also skip some of the usual membership sleuthing to note at least one case of membership double-dipping as well as some prior experience here and there. I think that warrants a T-shirt, no?

*And the Yanakoto Sotto Mute review hasn’t even published yet!