Wyenra Is Like Some Kind of New Stage for Indie Idols

So. It’s Sunday. There are no hard-and-fast rules around what does and does not constitute “easy” when it comes to Sundays, though that designation has in the past extended to such things as HAMIDASYSTEM and random H!P things and I think AH* that one time. The point is, I usually like to use Sunday as a time to celebrate cool, interesting, homi-ish idol things that maybe don’t have the pedal all the way down to the metal.

Today, arguably my new favorite thing this week, wyenra:

News of this unit’s creation and inauguration has been randomly, one might even say ordained-ly, been kicking around Twitter and my dang inbox for a couple of weeks, but here they are, for real, in the digital flesh. Completely self-produced, self-managed, etc. They’re still putting together their first lives, but they’re also putting together really nice music with a really well-done MV. Also, two of the members are sisters, I think.


You’ll note a high degree of sophistication for idols, period, let alone self-produced, self-started idols that have been officially on the case for two whole weeks. Experience is one thing, but I genuinely wonder if the girls who decide to kick off these projects just plain do more homework first, and/or are able to leverage more financial resources; I’m not saying that this is the case here, but just like that one band at your high school that inexplicably had brand new gear and professionally recorded CDs despite, you know, completely sucking at music, having connections (family) to financial assistance (parents’ cash) and possibly industry as well (Jakob Dylan) can take you very far very quickly. Often without merit! But I think wyenra’s good enough at first glance to be given some applause and benefit of the doubt.

Follow them on Twitter, and actually subscribe to their YouTube channel, which could be rapidly laden with more goodies.

4 thoughts on “Wyenra Is Like Some Kind of New Stage for Indie Idols

  1. Looking at their twitter followers might provide some insight into how they were able to leverage for better than DIY average in the costume, MV and music departments. The non-sister has 24k followers and one of the sisters has 80k followers, I guess they are both former members of the idol group Drop so those factors probably give them a bit more cache than your typical idol group start up.

    • OH! /retracted

      That explains why ol’ Viz said something about drop. I didn’t follow them too closely, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. It also explains why they have YouTube views that are just way the hell out of place for a true indie.

      • I didn’t know they were in Drop either, I just noted the massive amount of followers 2 of the members had and saw they were former Drop members on the comments section of their MV on Youtube, broke out my slide rule did the math and came up with the above explanation for why they seem more cash laden than typical beginning alt-idol group.

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