I Can’t Decide Which Is My Favorite Part of PassCode’s ‘ONE STEP BEYOND’ MV

Well, watch it first if you haven’t already:

I wasn’t expecting this kind of art direction at all!

I mean, we’ve heard the song enough at this point to like it or not, as one will, but I love consistent visual callbacks and clear influences, no matter how accidental they may actually be (so we ergo have FAKE NEWS to complain about), so I’m stuck somewhere between being stoked that the Band in White (can’t remember their actual name) is back from “AXIS”, that the main set runs a visual gamut between “I kill” and “Six Fall Roar” while stopping on “Losing My Religion” in between, and that Yuna keeps getting the short end of these violent relationships with oppressive elements (see: “Now I Know”). Also I keep wanting to call it “One Step Closer” and giggle when I catch myself because I bet Nao could beat Chester Bennington in a fight anymore.

Regardless, good moves in general, I remain hype for the album, and I hope it sells like hotcakes and they stay on the trajectory from last year when it looked for a hot minute like they could land on Western shores at a moment’s notice.

6 thoughts on “I Can’t Decide Which Is My Favorite Part of PassCode’s ‘ONE STEP BEYOND’ MV

  1. Oh good, you thought of “Six Fall Roar” also.
    Now that we’ve established that someone is sending black-clothed hit squads after our screaming idols (they already got Rum from FruitPochette and whatever happened to Broken By The Scream), you must use your underground contacts to find out who it is before they go after Guso Drop and trigger a full scale bloodbath.

      • I’m so sorry.
        I had no idea just mentioning the HIHS (harsh idol hit squad) would cause them to try and shut down your site.
        However this does prove my theory is right. This may be bigger than I feared, though. “They” sent an agent after the child DJ in Edge Dub Monkeyz and I think I saw another in the army of bad guys in “PPCC”.
        If it is Ladybeard, what did Rei and Rie know and when did they know it?
        I bet Bucho has answers. I think he used to be one of “them”. Just look at that old C-Style video. You’ll note that two of the girls are missing now.

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