If You Haven’t Heard the Digest for PassCode’s “ZENITH”, Now Is a Good Time

So amid all of the hubbub yesterday, I just plain up and missed the fact that PassCode, with the release of their ZENITH album just right around the corner, have officially put out the full album trailer:

For what it’s worth, they also added preview tracks to Soundcloud, but they weren’t available on U.S. or EU servers when I tried just now, so maybe it’s just a Japan thing, or maybe they’ll change the settings later, I dunno. Actually now available!

But what did you think? I was generally bullish on the thing, from the overall positive vibes from the two MVs, but now I can safely say that I’m most looking forward to the back half of this sucker. Also, while I get that EDM+chiptune_+vocoder+breakdowns just plain are the PassCode formula, and why change what’s not broken, I think it’d be super if there could be more than one or two tempo changes for the entire album.

It’ll be fully available soon enough, though, and then we can judge it like rational human beings, which of course we all are. I badly want to be able to like a release of theirs as much as I liked “MISS UNLIMITED”.

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