100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 73: Gratitude

In case you ever wondered what idols tweet back and forth with their fans, maybe Shidare can elucidate via this communication with Lee:


It’s good to see Cococo being back to old tricks; I haven’t seen her even hint at penguins in a while:

This does suggest to me that Komachi may have in fact saved her friend. Actual evidence is scarce-to-non-existent, but the prospective hero does appear to be pleased with herself:

So amid all of that, of course Tsuyame is concerned about her dye job:

But! Not only did all of NSLE hit up a twitcast earlier …

Dying to know what they talked about …

… but Tsuyame and Komachi were both part of Radio Codomomental with Mashiro and Milcboy:

That’s a lot of weird in one room, gang.

6 thoughts on “100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 73: Gratitude

  1. I really wish someone had recorded this show, because it sounds like a rare opportunity to hear Komachi speak more than 2 words.

      • Maybe. The first time I met her she said to me (in English), “I will sing… ” and then couldn’t think of the next word so she repeated, ” I will sing… ” then stomped her foot and got really embarrassed. It was brutally adorable. I’ve met her three more times and that’s the most extensive conversation we’ve had.

        BTW – The badges mentioned in Shidare’s tweet are the leftover buttons I made for the Canadian tour. I sent them to Lee to give out in Japan. He tells me she’s still wearing the one I gave her in Toronto so my life is still worth living.

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