Hell to the Yes, STARMARIE

So … I missed the YouTube live. Or, rather, I caught a few minutes’ worth of the very beginning, when everybody was just sitting around and talking about the album and stuff. Did I miss anything good?

Like, did I miss this ass-kicker?

You. Yes you. I want you to stop what you’re doing and play this twice in a row. I then want you to plausibly explain where you’ve ever heard a better solo in an idorock song. Hell, in an idol metalFANTASY WORLD IV release obviously presaged something, but yeah, I’m really curious to hear what the rest of the album has in store. This one song, all by itself, is so inherently genre-less that I don’t even know where to put it on the usual STARMARIE spectrum, and very few idols can inject as much raw melody into an ostensible rock song as they can.

Hell. I really hope they release another MV like this. That filled me with a great deal of joy.

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