Your Homicidols Weekender #63

Happy Saturday, you bunch of weirdos! The other day, I completely skipped out on the ol’ site. Why? Because nothing was going on. Or so I thought! This is going to be a weekend of things that actually did happen, are too good for the dang Weekender, and are things that you should get up some care about. Also, at some point later today, I’m going to be celebrating something, so … well, I do dumb things when I’m a few sheets to the wind and in a good mood. Could be fun!

Speaking of fun: Play it. Also think about what lies ahead from Could there … could there be some new music? New video? NEW IDOLS?! It’s gonna be a good weekend, is what I’m saying.

You’re Such a Tease

EMPiRE interview series: MiDORiKO because spelling!


Poppy goes Japan:

This is the farewell video for Let’s Pocopoco:

I, uh …

MAPLEZ celebrated their fifth anniversary and are hitting the road:

I didn’t know if I’d ultimately want to do more post for this MIGMA SHELTER joint (because I don’t usually), so:

People are going nuts for GANG PARADE’s “BREAKING THE ROAD” outfits:

I decided to save the download link for the new milcboy track, too.

Others in the Codomomental family content themselves with swapping outfits:

The very first thing that I saw in this photo (other than the blood) was sora tob sakana’s name; do your own math:

If you’re an idol, and you’re chika, and you’re in Osaka, Yuki will draw you a shirt:

Every now and again, there’s an idol debut that I’m pretty much flummoxed by. Like Edelstein!


Minna no Kodomo-chan absolutely packed that house, didn’t they?

So much for all-time great conspiracy theories:

Yui is the second shoe in PLIC PROCK to drop:

Emomomomomomo is down mos:

The There There Theres single has a name and a (new) date and (completely new) art:

Also Bell Melt More! stuff!


I could not agree with this sentiment more:

Momoko Gumi Company wrote a history of BiSH’s indie days:

The synopsis?

Kerrie’s work is always on:

So about Yamakatsu; center Yui has a solo project:

Two of my favorite things — cats and Ophelia 20mg:

Rin is taking a BURST GIRL break:

You’re lucky if you can see the new MV from Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders, because I can’t no matter what I do:

I keep waiting for some kind of official release from APOKALIPPPS and I’m … starting to feel like … I’m waiting until … the … end of the world (/guffaw):

Have a great weekend!

Tell me that you knew this happened; I didn’t

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