You Should Be Getting Excited About The New SAKA-SAMA EP…

Maniac mentioned it in the Weekender, but it bears repeating: “Lo-Fi Dream Pop” idols SAKA-SAMA are releasing an EP on TRASH-UP!! Records due out on February 28! You’ll pardon me for being a bit giddy, but I think this is a big deal … a minor milestone if you will. SAKA-SAMA’s been teasing us for well over a year cow, with tons of terrific live footage on their label’s YouTube Channel, but no actual studio releases save for some show-exclusive CD-Rs and a lone free song on OTOTOY. It’s no stretch to say I’ve been looking forward to this as much as any DOTS release, especially since SAKA-SAMA is a fellow torch-bearer for the cause of cool and strange avant-art idols.

The thing I love about SAKA-SAMA, and what makes me excited about them, is that their roots and connections encourage the sort of off-the-wall experimentation I adore in this little corner of the idol world. Just like the Dotchans, this group attracts talent outside the typical world of pop-idol music. They’ve got songs being arranged by quirky twee duos like BonVoyaaz and ethereal indie-pop artists like Kano, breaking down real boundaries of what this genre of music can be about.

If their multitude of live performance videos have shown us, they’re sitting on a pretty sizable output of wonderful work that’s bursting to reward our ears. So finally, we’re getting five tunes served up on a disc, and I’m quite confident that’ll it’ll prove worth this wait….

“Party / Party”: One of the songs on the EP. Dig that fuzz guitar!! 

An article posted at OTOTOY promises that we’re getting dreamy pop, punk, country, and “recited contemporary poetry”. So in other words, this is pretty much everything I love. My earnest suggestion is that if you really want to enjoy something truly off the beaten path that’s actually testing the waters of genre-bending experimentation as opposed to merely pretending to present a contrived edge, you can do no wrong than seeking out these lo-fi dream-pop oddballs. February 28th can’t get here quick enough!

“From The End”, written by Kano, also featured on this ep…