Have We Really Not Said Anything about the TOKYO TEFUTEFU Stuff?

Whoops! We here on Team Homicidols are obviously supporters of Codomomental, including and especially the artists employed therein. It is therefore an all-time embarrassment when we, uh, kind of forget to do something with a Codomomental release because *brain fart*. It’s only been a week but what with various other goings on it does feel a little bit more. So here we go.

Hey! Remember how Codomomental debuted two projects in the past six or so months, and one of them is clearly further along than the other for they have two singles and a whole-ass album out, and that one is TOKYO TEFUTEFU? You do — cool. So yeah, that album’s out now, and therefore the boss was obliged to drop an MV to support the release, and to my complete lack of surprise it was for their best song to date, and … here you go!

Pretty nice, right? Hell, compare to the demo if you want. Tftf has some growing still to do, but I think they’ve done a great job (in not even six months!) of finding a niche in syva’s songwriting catalog and riding it out. The demise of Tsurezure no doubt contributes to that, as the niche in this case has a lot of the same energy as that gone-but-not-forgotten gem (plus some of the twisted brightness that Zenkimi often plays with). It isn’t obvious in this song, but there are a lot more punk elements in other parts of the album than you’d expect from a Codomomental act. Which, good, expand that palette. It can all serve as a decent lure for people looking for more idols to follow.

Anyway, listen to the whole thing if you haven’t already; if you have, do it again. Codomomental has a well-proven track record of developing projects, and so far it’s looking like TOKYO TEFUTEFU will be the next the boss can hang his hat on.

This isn’t a review, but the album is fine. Kind of uneven, as you’ll get from a new project that hasn’t quite settled in yet, but bfd. The group needs a proper lead or two.