Your Homicidols Weekender #233

Good morning! I hope you’re all faring well, wherever you may be, getting vaccinated and enjoying the season. We had a little cool snap this week that kept the army of cicadas in the ground for a little while long, which … frankly, I’m not sure if it’s good or bad. If you’ve been through one of these megaswarms before, you kind of welcome the idea of it being over sooner rather than later. We’ll see where we stand next week!

Japan, though. And India. And all of the other places where this god-damned virus is still running rampant. I hope people are able to stay safe and healthy, even despite the challenges. I think we all got used to the stress that this pandemic forced into our lives, and that’s not good. Those of us who have a hobby, especially one that’s as inherently joy-riddled as idol, always have something to look forward to. Some folks, though, I really worry about. May we come out clean soon.

For now, let us enjoy the fact that it’s the weekend, that somehow this performance-based thing we all share keeps on trucking and we once again have a Weekender loaded with stuff. Good stuff. Fun stuff. And if you have the chance to see family like I do this weekend, that’s really good stuff. Enjoy it!

You Really Should Post More, Though

Here’s the final AYUMIKURIKAMAKI MV:

And all of Malcolm Mask McLaren’s one-man:

Payrin’s has a new song that I’d sure like to hear!


Behind the scenes with Kaishin no Ichigeki:


Stuff from Moecore Gakuen is always a treat:

In case you missed the BiSH drop:

Oh, new ANTHURIUM I thought with happiness, but I can’t make a post with this!

I feel you you could probably write a thesis on the amount of shade MANACLE is throwing on their first album here:

Idol or karaoke, you decide!

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Wonder Lander, who are great and you should get into. They’ve got some new EPs that I implore you to enjoy:

Here’s KAQIRYOTERROR for those who may need it:

Well, it is a release from JyuJyu:

There’s a new EMPiRE coming, if you didn’t know:

Lily of the Valley with a fun one:

For you kids who follow AdFicTioN:


And Li-V-RAVE:



And kind of from Yamaguchi Kassei Gakuen, who look like they got a full-on reboot:

And a lot of Ringwanderung!

Our girl Cinnamon guested here and frankly was perfectly cast for it:

Give this look a name:

Penguins all the way down:

Have a great weekend!