Have We Really Not Said Anything about the TOKYO TEFUTEFU Stuff?

Whoops! We here on Team Homicidols are obviously supporters of Codomomental, including and especially the artists employed therein. It is therefore an all-time embarrassment when we, uh, kind of forget to do something with a Codomomental release because *brain fart*. It’s only been a week but what with various other goings on it does feel a little bit more. So here we go.

Hey! Remember how Codomomental debuted two projects in the past six or so months, and one of them is clearly further along than the other for they have two singles and a whole-ass album out, and that one is TOKYO TEFUTEFU? You do — cool. So yeah, that album’s out now, and therefore the boss was obliged to drop an MV to support the release, and to my complete lack of surprise it was for their best song to date, and … here you go!

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Hey, We Got Your New TOKYO Tefutefu Track Right Here!

Well, okay sure, I thought probably the only TOKYO Tefutefu reference I’d be making today was that note in the Weekender about their shrinking a bit, but while tying loose ends for the latest edition in the Longest Running Weekly Episodic Blog Post Dedicated to Idols That Are Loud, I noticed a few of you guys — yes, I’m looking at you — talking about the latest two-hour stealth teaser from the latest Codomomental unit. And we here at Homicidols Dot Com have a standard practice, an Official Policy you could say, to always try to preserve and amplify those teasers because there are hundreds of millions of people who probably aren’t paying any attention to anything during that window of time, and dammit we want them to like the idols!

So anyway, new song, “cry more again”:

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TOKYO Tefutefu Is Playing with Our Hearts for Keeps

The Codomomental newbies — both of them — are out here following a fairly familiar script for units in the family, but something clicked in me yesterday when this MV dropped and I’ll be damned if I can really place it. What matters, I think, is that this second digital single from the don’t-you-dare-call-them-other second bright, shiny act out of Codomomental to close 2020 (TOKYO Tefutefu, if you’re following) is also taking the highly emotional stuff for a spin, and in this case, well:

Not having Tsurezure anymore gives both groups opportunities to pick up that sound and run with it, and I’m sure these last couple of entries aren’t the last we’ll see of really any of NSLE’s several modifications over the years, but TOKYO Tefutefu’s “double” here sounds like it, if you know what I mean. Like this is what a successor group sounds like, using a lot of the core elements but also taking them in directions they haven’t necessarily been used to explore before. That TOKYO Tefutefu presents as fairly tradol in orientation even if their music is yet to be decided*, and roles between members (at least for now) seem kind of settled in, I think sells that even more. Don’t think of them as a nostalgia act — think of them as exploiting your emotional vulnerabilities by showing just enough of the beloved familiar to draw you in and then sucker-punching you right in the feels so you can’t ever get away. It’s kind of brilliant.

“double” is out today on … all of the streamers of your choice? Close enough.

*Though they seem closer to it than akugi, which is to say that they may be coalescing on this kind of tortured-emo-alt-idorock thing, which is just fine

Time for the First TOKYO Tefutefu Video

So we’re Codomoblog for a few days, no big deal. You take what the universe gives! But you guys, you’ve heard TOKYO Tefutefu to date, but now it’s time for their whole first digital single (technically tomorrow, no doubt on all of your favorite streaming platforms) in music video form!

You may have the same thought as multiples of Team did: Man, that is some high pitch! And yes it is. And that is a cool song and it would be nice if we could get some more. It’s also the first release from a new Codomomental project that didn’t have me immediately trying to connect the dots to other Codomomental projects, so that’s fun. Now let’s see where it all leads!

Codomomental Strikes Twice: New Track from Tokyo Tefutefu

Well, friends, we may have lost Yukueshirezutsurezure for good over the weekend (I hear that Daemon’s working on a retrospective), but Codomomental has proven over the years to be nothing but extremely flexible no matter the circumstances, and there are a pair of new projects for us all to become irrationally excited about. The first to meaningfully see the light of day was akugi, and now today we get the first (aural) look at the latest piece of the company’s puzzle, Tokyo Tefutefu.

As usual, it’s a two-hour preview; as usual, we here at Homicidols Dot Com love and respect you and will help you listen if you miss the window.

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