Did You Like Our April Fool’s Gag?

Hello everybody! This is an important announcement by Maniac: In case you hadn’t figured it out over the last 36 or so hours, no, I never got a sweet idol job offer and never had to do something with the site and never turned it over to Kerrie except for purely laughs purposes. We had some fun, though! And I hope you got a kick out of Homercidols (and Simpsonswave, and only questioned your existence a few times).

Luckily, like nothing of actual import happened yesterday. Yes, the WACK auditions wrapped up, but the actual fallout is still on its way to reality, and there were of course lives and things like Pikarin blocking traffic so she could walk on her slave-fans, but is any of that all that important? Nay. We can just kind of gracefully return to normalcy and pretend that none of this ever happened.

For your patience and forbearence:

Remember HATEGLEAM? I sure do, speaking of missed opportunities. After the band broke up a few months back, I’ve almost completely lost track of the members, but here’s one of the former front-idols doing her best to scare the living shit out of neighborhood dogs and small children:

You want more?

That’s what you get for encouraging us. And it’s what we get for being doofuses.

Happy Sunday. Your regularly scheduled (and also now backlogged) programming will return immediately.

12 thoughts on “Did You Like Our April Fool’s Gag?

  1. Sort of realized its a joke….and I still kinda wished it would be true as well. As it would been so great for us western fans if it was really true. But I kinda gave up when those homercidols post started to appear. Well it was kinda fun still. Well it’s the only April Fools joke I encountered 🙂

    You are such a cruel master Maniac tricking us in this way 😀

  2. Wow. I still stand by what I said, but damn…..

    My guess would have been Kamen Joshi. I can see a rebranded Mask Girls as the Homicidols doing a “residency” in Las Vegas somewhere in the back of my mind, after doing the Casino Circuit, of course. Maybe six other guesses from Daichi who always does great things, to Aqbirec (whose roster is murder this year) and a few other ones that others mentioned except necroma because they still indie, big sounding and looking, but still a surprisingly small operation.

    But, I could also totally see a few “interests” wanting to “hit the mute button” on the ever-indefatigable troublemakers like you and your ilk. Who the hell wants excitement and kind words, when they’re not bought and paid for? Who wants perspective on things that sometimes isn’t flattering?

    The “Homercidols” and simpsoncore and bylines/titles was funny AF.
    Rating: Four Heartbleeds.

    OTHER STUFF. There is (one) specific day for this. You alluded to an announcement last week, and put this out the 31st March.
    Rating: One Heartbleed

    Unfortunately the ultimate execution and the excitement and forboding of the “other stuff” made it surreal to me. Like watching your neighbors down the road house burn down, and watching the fireman stop to eat an Ice Cream, and then stop hosing down the house, half way through.

    Overall Rating: Two Heartbleeds.

    When you need a DSM-5 to finish a thought, it’s time to stop writing. Bye.

  3. You’re an arse. I hope one day you do a big sneeze and get all snot and bogeys down your shirt and then a bird poos on your head and *then* First Summer Uika walks past and sees you all covered in bird poo and bogeys and snot, thats what I hope happens.

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