EMPiRE Strikes Again and Ruins my Sunday Morning

Man, I didn’t want to do any things today, even with some good stuff in the queue! What the heck, EMPiRE, and your second MV off of EMPiRE originals arguably being the better of the two released so far and definitely being something that used to be more in BiS’s wheelhouse if it just had a little bit more blood in it?

Just couldn’t resist that Kentacore piano break, could it?

Though, I guess given that they’re in position as human blood banks like in Fury Road, the sanguinary concerns are somewhat addressed!

I’m trying to decide if this side of EMPiRE is superior to the power ballad side (both are superior to any other side). I mean, the MV itself tries to be superior, but all EMPiRE videos until the end of time will be inferior to “Buttocks beat! beat!”, and I’ll be honest when I say that there’s a major incongruity in EMPiRE’s WACK influence (the being-chained-to-vehicles-so-the-driver-can-take-a-live-blood-transfusion-from-me thing) and their straight-ahead idol dance cuts (thanks Avex!) — in the hands of any other WACK outfit (even BiSH), the dance would be either significantly more vigorous or delightfully tongue-in-cheek, but EMPiRE plays it pretty safe — that always kind of wastes the more creative moments for me.

At this rate, with still a hair over a week left until the EP drops, we may wind up with MVs for every song on the thing. And that’s good! I clearly remain, as Maniac, hesitant to fully embrace EMPiRE for a series of reasons, but there’s no denying that they at least put a nice polish on everything that comes out, and have really high best moments, which IRL Maniac freely and unabashedly enjoys. I say, bring on the MVs and let the Maniacs sort it out like in a seaborne monkey knife fight!