What the Hell Did I Just Watch?

So the other day, EMPiRE, who have frankly been awfully quiet after that surprisingly interesting official debut, dropped out a little mini-trailer for an MV that was coming hot-hot-hot off the presses.* I filed away this information, secure in the knowledge that perhaps another cool power pop number was coming.

Give me a second to admit that I didn’t immediately catch that the dang trailer was the same track as was used for that album/news/trailer thing that happened a few weeks ago, but also give yourself a second to steel your resolve to witness multiple acts of butt-themed urban assault:

Tell that Ayuni D doesn’t look aroused during the cafe scene

It was all of like two days ago when I very strongly suggested that EMPiRE was probably going to be playing it close to the vest, or way closer than WACK projects usually would, given their immediate tie-in to Avex — this is not to say that the label, which embraced OG BiS at the height of their reign of terror, would shy away from anything per se, but to instead set a perhaps misguided! expectation that they might prefer that acts under their own development be just the tiniest bit more straight-laced.

I would like to humbly apologize to the fine members of EMPiRE, the WACK management team, SCRAMBLES, Avex Trax, Santa Claus and whoever inhabited the butt costume for making so critical an assumption, and I’d like to congratulate them on putting out a song and MV that are somehow so completely focused on spank-assaults that they, in their way, become a metaphor for spank-assault, even up to the point where I can’t tell if this is all pro or con or help me out, seriously. Just do me a solid, EMPiRE, and keep the zany stuff to a controllable level: Simultaneously the most and least fun person at any wedding is the Fun Drunk Aunt, you know?

If you’d like to download the thing for yourself, and access those lyrics, you can just do it from Soundcloud because apparently even Avex doesn’t mind giving people things for free. Until the album comes out in … ye gods, still almost two months. That I bet you’ll have to pay for! But also get more video up to that point. Win-win.

*That’s how making videos works, right?

4 thoughts on “What the Hell Did I Just Watch?

  1. Was so pleasantly surprised by this. Video is great, song is great, the BiSH cameos were great.

    WACK is killin’ it in excess.

  2. I think EMPiRE has tapped into everyone’s inherent need to spank the buttocks. The Buttman running around represents a part of us all!

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