HAMIDASYSTEM Is out to Prove Their Supremacy

Gosh darn it, HAMIDASYSTEM, you too? Will you idols not let me have a restful Sunday!

Oh wait. This is like the best reason imaginable to take a break from taking a break:

There’s a new EP coming out in Sept. 5, and it’s time to promote the hell out of the sucker despite having just wrapped up the last incredible series. Here’s the double bonus — we’re going to get an MV every day through Thursday!

I’m trying and failing miserably to imagine a scenario in which this doesn’t wind up generating some Best Of potential. The truth is that HAMIDASYSTEM legitimately needs to be in the Idol of the Year discussion for creative achievement purely for that four-part exercise in multimedia storytelling; the potential for there being a song or video or totality Best outcome in this week’s output is incredibly high, and I’m excited in a palpable way. I almost titled this post “HAMIDASYSTEM Seems Bent on Going Full Post-idol”; it’s not just the post-rock influence in the music*, but the way that they’re right at the front of the class of somewhat-established groups that are emerging in a new kind of scene that seems idol as a means to an end, and therefore almost limitless in its expressive capacity. I almost expect their next release to be an instrumental.

Funny: The HAMIDASYSTEM that I first got into was a radically different group with none of the pretensions that they flaunt now, and I almost gave up on them in the transition. What an idiot.

*But also that