Dang, That New EMPiRE Song Is Nice

How do we feel about EMPiRE now, with the “EMPiRE originals” MV out? I’m annoyed that I only just got to look and listen at this today, though it’s partly my fault because I kind of deliberately set it aside after yesterday’s release. So sue me! I got stuff to do, man. Idol don’t pay these bills!

But let me say, please, that my hedged skepticism is something that I’d like to take back:

It’s funny that I’m basically done with BiSH’s power ballads, but I get jazzed up for EMPiRE’s and consider them the group’s best work, going all the way back to the beginning; the same people are involved in both of the things! Hell, Aina’s even on here as the choreographer. But what suits one seems to suit that one best, whereas the other has its wheelhouse in other musical places. Nobody listens to ol’ Maniac, though, so I don’t expect much to change on that front.

Digressions aside, I think there’s good reason to feel good about the EP. How good? I don’t know, actually, because it’s so hard to get a read on EMPiRE and the reaction to them, among gaijin wota at least. It would on the one hand be neat to see them get some buzz around awards season, though it would also not be a surprise if they didn’t, because … well, because it’s really hard to get a read on the reaction to them! I think folks don’t know what to make of a WACK group that started on a major label that doesn’t really do the whole punk thing at all and seems to follow emerging musical stuff more than push the envelope themselves. Did I get it right?