Your Homicidols Weekender #93

Happy Saturday! Did everybody have a good week? It wasn’t a terribly busy one for idol, but that’s all well and good honestly; we’re already into the early stages of release season, so plenty of good stuff is on the way, and the early returns are very good. Just imagine how we’re going to feel in a couple of months!

So how are you going to spend these waning days of summer? I’ve been granted some blissful free time that I’m sure to squander, but this is on the heels of catching an Amy Winehouse tribute revue last night, so that was nice. If you have the chance to catch some live music, I recommend it. It’s still a little while until Necroma returns to our shores!

In the meantime, you know the drill. Play the Fun, enjoy your idols and look out at everything that the world has to offer.

What’s with Always Publishing This Thing Late Anymore, Huh?

In addition to that pretty great interview, Daemon and Monsterpanda also gave Hanako-san the greatest gift of all — Natto:

Here’s a nice chunk of Bonnou Paradox live:

And some Toricago, too, while we’re at it:

My girl Poppy got dark as hell:

Ten Tenko is, uh …

Nice work, Sola Sound:

I feel like I don’t have enough context for this Wagamama Rakia video, but it’s still worth your time:

@JAM is this weekend; here’s WILL-O’s message:

How do my Australian friends feel about Babymetal finally making it to their drought-parched, new-Prime-Minister-ever-month-having shores?

I’m personally way more stoked about BILLIE IDLE’s new album and tour title:

Kaqriyo Terror Architect is having their EP release delayed:

What the heck is this gorgeous little bit of music!

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is … uh … hell, let’s make it DAIDAIDAI, who I just so happen to love a lot and only rarely get to showcase.

This I’m sharing because you might like to get your hands on the website for the group’s one-man:

Also, this live video, which is technically from last weekend, but shut up and like it:

Yuna from Osaka Shunkashuto is into the photography game now:

What a collaboration:

Yet another ANotheR is pending:

Look at this goddess:

Shihatsumachi Underground something something:

Oh look, a bunch of things that I like all at the same thing!

I’m not going to lie, the visual atmospherics of this JyuJyu DVD are either really great or really bad and I don’t know which:

Yeah, you should probably feel pretty hype about the new GANG PARADE:

Good ol’ Candy GO!GO! got a theme song:

How about some dumb ol’ fun with Up Up Girls:

Have a great weekend!