100 Days of Tsurezure, Day 78: Twilight

Editor’s note: It’s not really day anymore. Homicidols.com regrets the error.

Today was some kind of weird art day for the members of Not Secured, Loose Ends. One could easily argue that every day is a weird art day for them, given what they do and all, but for real.

Where are the rest of them, you ask? OMG WHERE’S TSUYAME SHE NEVER DOESN’T TWEET WHAT’S GOING ON?

Look, man, I don’t know. Nobody does. Knowing her, she’s probably off getting into shenanigans with Yotsu. Komachi, I’m guessing that she’s having a hard time finding just the right lighting for the diorama of Shibuya eggman that she made, so she’ll just post something when she gets around to it.