DEEP GIRL Has Heard Our Pleas and Show How They Show Up

Between where Non stands in terms of harsh-vocal idols and the ever-going lament that this beyond-interesting project seems to be at best a side interest of everybody involved, DEEP GIRL, who should only be known for turning out brutal-ass nu/-core idol metal, are instead often looked at as something of a perplexing disappointment.

Well, if you’re following them on Twitter, you may have noticed that things have been a little busier of late, and today they shared this video of their okay-fine theme song being performed live:

Check it out! Personality, Non getting out that bellow while mixing in the crowd, some actual dancing and stuff … like, maybe there’s more to DEEP GIRL than we always thought. I hope so. And then they can put together a really fun album and invite us over to see their launch show and that’ll be cool.

Here’s a fun little edit of what I’m guessing is a bunch of stuff on Riko’s birthday:

Yes, Non really is the largest idol ever.

4 thoughts on “DEEP GIRL Has Heard Our Pleas and Show How They Show Up

  1. Okay, I concede that clip looked ten times more exciting then any performance I’ve seen from them previously and Non’s harsh vocals are controlled and on the button. NOW FOR EVERYONES SAKE RELEASE NEW MUSIC! We want to love you…..we just need more the 2 original songs and covers to do so xD

  2. Oh hey, they now finally look like they know what they’re doing and want to be there. Brilliant! Also, the audience are at last getting into it in a way I haven’t seen till now. Now if only they’d release enough music to create a proper set list they’d be sick.

    Non isn’t actually that tall, the others are just really short; there’s a picture of them with Death Rabbits’ Bucho where they barely reach his ribcage. One of the girls from Kamen Joshi Cadet West, on the other hand…

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