Life Just Improved Immensely: HATEGLEAM Finally Released a New MV

I might be HATEGLEAM’s #1 U.S. fan; I sometimes feel like their only U.S. fan. Last year’s debut was so good that I pushed it into the beginning of the Playlist despite the fact that it was the only thing they really had online.

This new video for “Alstroemeria” … sweet mother of bob.

Someone’s been to the Imada Yuna International Academy of Highly Inefficient Harsh Vocals!

And look, we could quibble all day over whether this “anti-idol” band thing even really qualifies as idol. My case is simple: Hina and Umishima both dress and sing like proper (ha) homicidols, both model, etc. That they’re technically the front people of a fixed-membership band and openly rep kick-ass hardcore bands like Madball and iwrestledabearonce (okay, that’s deathcore) and now have (at least on this track) a split harsh-clean set of duties in no way diminishes what’s really going on there.

No, it’s not wishful thinking.


This shit’s awesome, okay?

13 thoughts on “Life Just Improved Immensely: HATEGLEAM Finally Released a New MV

  1. Yuna does exhales her vocal power is pretty impressive for her physical stature, the harsh vocalist from hate gleam sounds like she does inhales or a really weird version of the vocal fry technique which doesn’t sound quite right, my favourite homicidol harsh vocalists are probably yuna from passcode and shida from Yukueshirezutsurezure both seem to have the technique down (yuna more the shida but she makes up for it in sheer anguish in her vocal tone xD)

    • You know, I was thinking about that interview with PassCode and Yuna saying that they just asked her to do it without her having ever even considered it; I kind of make fun of her now for going this really raspy black metal lite way anymore, but it’s clear that she’s been working on technique so she can actually sing her parts, too. Peak Yuna, for me at least, is probably going to be “Never Sleep Again” because it’s the nearest to the early high energy but closest to also being technique and not just screaming for the hell of it.

      We could also point (and laugh, truly) at Tama from Lyric Holic, who I’m 99 percent sure hasn’t ever actually tried to go harsh, but likes to pretend that she does.

      • Aha I need to go check out tama now xD got any video links ? Non from deepgirl is also pretty good when she actually does the damn harsh vocals and doesn’t just let the playback doit for her, I’ve seen a few videos where she actually does the screams from i kill during the breakdown at the end, was pretty epic.

        • Oh and on the subject of yuna, I’d say anything she screams on from the new album is all pretty solid, the technique is definitely there and she holds the screams a lot better then others do live while also rocking out and looking like a total badass during her parts

          • My only worry for Yuna, especially when I was reading that interview, was that she if she didn’t/doesn’t practice SOME kind of proper technique she WILL blow her vocal chords out. I look at Rei from Guso Drop as a recent example, and Corey Taylor from Slipknot as a prime example as to why it is imperative that harsh singers take care of their voices…because otherwise you just won’t have one for long.

          • @Jul She’s losing her voice really bad. Her standard talking voice is being wrecked (check out that video interview I translated from a few weeks ago), even the others in the group have commented about it and how she “used to have a cute voice”.

          • That’s kind of sad. Does she still scream as much? I’m now thinking that maybe she doesn’t. I guess really these girls should get vocal training on how to look after their voice.

        • I mean … look, don’t worry about Tama, okay? Everybody knows she’s just poorly lip-syncing to a death growl overdub.

          Non, on the other hand, that girl can go. I’d love it if Deep Girl could be taken seriously enough by their own management to actually keep cranking out things in the same universe as “I Kill.”

          • Apparently they have a new song or something coming soon which in excited for! Aslong as mashiro isn’t on lead vocal duty I’m happy as let’s face it as ridiculously cute as she is, her singing voice leaves abit to be desired :/ Non’s singing voice is actually really nice she’s got great tone, shame she seems shoe horned in on the harsh vocals sometimes, but they can be really good when there not awkwardly standby around on stage not knowing quite how to perform there own songs xD I’ve never see a group with two strong songs and just fail to reproduce the same energy live quite like deep girl, I really do like them just every live I’ve watched of them I’ve been bitterly disappointed, they need some better direction and maybe some basic choreography work to get the stage show going abit, even guso drop have dance routines and rei can hardly keep up with the other 3 but she still gives a better performance.

  2. She must be practising something as she’s improved since all is vanity both studio and live performance wise so I’m guessing they have someone who’s taught her a few tricks even the way she stands when doing harsh vocals makes me think she’s got something down the two handed mic hold lean back and push from the diaphragm stance she’s probably false chording as her vocals are way distorted that’s a lot of power from such a small package , shida from Yukueshirezutsurezure was talking about throat control and stuff in there interview so I’m guessing she’s definitely practising a technique probably false chord as well as she actually does growls compared to the other girls in the group who are definitely more shouty orientated and it’s too full voice to be a vocal fry :/, rei from guso just used to shout and scream consistently through performances twenty four seven with no technique at all and I wondered when it would ruin her, her normal talking voice sounds like a grown man now and her harsh vocals are well blown out bless her, I just hope that saki doesn’t follow as she has a really nice singing voice :/, I’ve done harsh vocals in bands since I was a kid anywhere from black metal to deathcore so I learnt pretty quickly to learn a technique and practice it or forget about talking/clean singing aswell during a gig let alone a tour xD these girls are crazy

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