Damn, Everything That merry merli Does Is Gold, Possibly Also Red, Definitely Black

Speaking of darkness idols, arguably the most gothic of all continue to be at the top of their game and eminently impressive. Here’s the latest from merry merli (for whom I continue to not be good enough) and their work with Harajuku maven Aoki Misako:

Why are they so good? And why isn’t this stuff blowing up the idolverse? In a year without a vintage-quality MV from the likes of JyuJyu, you take the darkness where and how you can get it, and (what I’m taking to be) a bleak, gothic parable about growing up or seduction or something like that has got to be right near the top of the list, at least from a visual storytelling perspective. This is like one of those (rare) horror movies that never goes for the jump scare, but instead is satisfied to have you reluctant to go to sleep, alone, in the dark, because who knows that true terrors await in your dreams?

Also, while the song is lovely anyway, I wish that I could get into producer-san’s head and convince that person to kindly raise that black metal-esque bleakness drone in the background just the tiniest bit higher in the mix, so that I can bathe in its moodiness. Have mercy.

I don’t directly participate in the voting, but damn, you guys — this is right in the thick of the Of the Year mix for me.