Check out Synth de La Eve Uncorking This, uh, Corker

This video’s a few days old now, but I’ll also cop to saving it for a good time to share (rather than just forgetting, as is often the case); whichever one of you goofballs showed me Synth de La Eve turning it up to 11, a firm pat on the back to you!

A lot of folks got a good rise out of the emergence of Synth de La Eve several months back, and they had good momentum for a hot minute before getting a little lost in the shuffle. But they could always go, which is the nice thing, and “Broken the World” here just goes to show it. I particularly appreciate how, as a number of other idols have demonstrated is a good way to build your fan base, they’re straight-up mixing with loud-ass bands at loud-ass festivals in locations around the country:

To the point where I don’t even make the it’s-all-just-loud-music-idol-or-whatever point anymore

After the success of the show included above, they have another one-man coming up in August; good things could be afoot:

Why they’re calling their fans “Adam”, though, that one I could use some help with.

2 thoughts on “Check out Synth de La Eve Uncorking This, uh, Corker

  1. Considering they’re ”Synth of the Eve”, I see it not very far-fetched to dub those who idolise them Adam.

    • Oh, you know, I wasn’t even thinking of an implication from their name; I had it pegged for a standard-issue string-together-foreign-words-that-don’t-not-make-sense thing, because idol. Your explanation makes sense!

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