Your Homicidols Weekender #69

I am perpetually 16 years old

Good morning, my lovely people! You’ll have to forgive the slightly later-than-usual arrival of ye olde Weekender, as your friendly neighborhood Maniac has had less challenging Fridays-that-turn-into-Saturdays. There’s a lot going on. Our most immediate past is the Fun, which you should go play. The next most immediate thing, with much more info to follow tomorrow, is the Corenament; the Bracket Bosses are poised to make their selections, based on the community’s input, which you can still provide for a couple of more hours or so.

Otherwise, spring is in the air, pounding is in my head and this house ain’t gonna clean itself. Have at it!

Strange-ass Moods …

The first post-Pour Lui BiS tour is right on, and the theme for the Fun!!!:

That PIIIIIIIN post made me want to do one about Queens, but they’re better Weekender material, don’t you think?

I almost forgot about the Broken By The Scream interview, in Finnish!

elfloat live:

And a live preview of the new one from Alloy:

Expect to see Kotao back with Avandoned soon:

The story of BiSH, as told by Gumico:

If I ever have occasion to meet Ruru Summertree, aka FunFunFun in person, I’m going to ask her how she felt when her daddy took her T-bird away:

Somebody tell me everything about Afilia Saga:

Stop everything that you’re doing and go read about Jimusho in this article that Daemon shared a little while ago and I almost forgot about.

Idols-who-aren’t-seen-enough GRATIA-ALA:

Oh, Tsukino Moa went to see Pink Floyd?

More dreamy pop idols, now Alive to Rainy:


If you were curious as to what the Woman Who Could Have Been a Star Called Yukako Love Deluxe if She Hadn’t Bailed on BiSH is up to these days:

Thanks, sagami!

Rain shared a translation of Marty Friedman-san’s enthusiastic PassCode statement:

Also, has anybody else noticed that Marty’s actually getting younger?

In this case, though, no translation needed:

PLIC PROCK photos just make me sad now:



Here’s all of DISDOL, band and all, in action:

The newest member of Gu-Gu LULU:


I’m always so confused when I see Komachi in a good mood:

So Hankako-san is snapping necks in buppan now?

Have a very blackened weekend!

Or a cock-rock party weekend, whatevs!

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