BiSH Very Quietly Debuted a New Song During BiSH 24

So quietly that I don’t even know what it’s called:

If my attempt to mess with the embed has failed, go to 8:05

That’s fun! Punky and melodic that immediately made me think of the Vandals, so now I’m going to spend my morning listening to Hitler Bad, Vandals Good. Is this the “Deadman” B-side?

h/t Unofficial Fanpage

UPDATE: Colourfulsounds in the comments has pointed out that the song in question is “Hero Wannabe,” and the second song in this set (which I inadvertently skipped because Unofficial Fan Page said “after OTNK and No Thank You”) is “earth.” Very helpful!

3 thoughts on “BiSH Very Quietly Debuted a New Song During BiSH 24

  1. That song is “Hero Wannabe”, a song BiSH recorded as the theme song for some real-life escape game a while back. The only way to get the recorded version is to go play the game, and you’ll be given a download code to redeem on OTOTOY – naturally, the codes sometimes fetch pretty high prices on Yahoo! Auctions.

    By the way, the second song in this video is “earth”, the DEADMAN B-side track (composed by Komuro Tetsuya, responsible for the uniquely ugly sound of 90s J-pop):

  2. I seen this set & was wondering about this song that I didn’t recognize. I’ll have to search for the studio version of this. Too bad they were having problems with the audio at times. Overall I thought BiSH looked & sounded great & did an awsome job throughout this event but I hope their manager Watanabe doesn’t make them do 24 hour events anymore or at least not for a long time. 24 hours seems too much even though they spaced out the sets. After awhile some of them seemed like they really didn’t want to deal with the otaku anymore.

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