BiS Ends Tour, Announces New Tour and Also Single

Possible idolcore nostalgia act and recent releasers of an album that’s better than we think it is, BiS, is showing that the snark of Westerners is nothing compared to filthy, filthy wota lucre, and they’re once again immediately turning the finale of one effort into the beginning of another:

New single. New tour. with the usual details. All right.

I guess this is how it’s actually done in the big leagues, huh? Your average underground indie idol can just do a whole bunch of shows and sell a bunch of chekis and then announce a new CD or whatever as resources allow for its development; but once a certain threshold is reached, you’re going to maximize your money by always having something new to release and promote even while the body of the last effort is still warm. Sounds exhausting. But at least it’s a meaningful announcement at the end of a big event, right, Babymetal?*

So what’s it gonna be, BiS? I kind of expected that your return to life would follow a path clearly like your originals’, or at least like BiSH’s, but this is an unfamiliar pattern and I’m still waiting for that moment when Pour Lui gets mad and throws “IDOL is DEAD” at us just to keep us on our toes — no matter how increasingly implausible and frankly unnecessary such a thing might be. Just make it good, okay?

*Ripping on Amuse for that will never get old.

2 thoughts on “BiS Ends Tour, Announces New Tour and Also Single

  1. I don’t know about you guys but i’m officially hyped for the new single, SOCiALiSM. Seems very meta now.

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