What Do You Guys Think of 969?

Someone, maybe d0fph0t0 back in the early days, gave a pretty strong recommendation here IIRC. Of course, it only took several months to get back to that thought, and well-timed at that, as here’s an edited cut of a live performance last month:

There’s a nice amount of punk happening to that idol, tossing in a little bit of skacore and like a wee taste of hardcore to keep it interesting.

If you know about them, what can you share?

13 thoughts on “What Do You Guys Think of 969?

  1. At first I thought you meant 963… But, no, never heard of this 969 lot, but that song sounds great! I wonder how exactly you are meant to pronounce their name… cuz for 963 I had to wait to hear them say it…

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