An Epic Interview with Su-Metal, Translated

Babymetal are all about their world tour right now, but they’ve been rolling for a few months, and this interview from Rockin On was part of the media blitz around Metal Resistance.

Translated by the inimitable Thomas Malone (website), this is probably the single best glimpse inside the well-guarded personality of Babymetal’s leader that we’ve ever seen and may ever see again until the inevitable Behind the Music special airs in 10 or so years.

I mean, this quote:

The existence known as Su-metal is something that lies so outside of normal common sense that she became a separate personality on her own.

If I attempt to deal with this character as just another human being because she is so far removed from myself we get into fights with each other and I fear I will make mistakes.

This isn’t an interview about fox gods and epic cultural wars; this is about a young woman understanding who she is as a performer and the power that comes with it. It’s about aspiration and change and being part of something bigger than yourself even when it relies on you.

Basically, it’s fantastic. Go read the whole thing.

3 thoughts on “An Epic Interview with Su-Metal, Translated

  1. Wow, that was fantastic. It gives us something that I’ve always felt was lacking in the idol scene since coming to it: A sense of the performers as human beings, with real hopes and desires and perspectives. Of course every idol/member of a group HAS these things, but you rarely ever get to hear about it. It was also nice to see her talking about something other than the same 5 or so questions that the general media asks Babymetal about: “So what kind of music do you play?”, blah blah blah. Excellent find, thanks for the share.

  2. Amazing. It’s quite evident that she has the mental strength to keep things in perspective.Sadly though, I get the impression that her development and mental capacity is based upon the quest to continually challenge her “self” and she may find herself constrained by the concept of Babymetal, Regardless, she possesses the Midas Touch, and will continue to bring much happiness to all those that cross her path. May Kitsune-sama continue to shine the light upon her, regardless of the the path she chooses.

  3. Other people should take notes, this interviewer know how to keep their stuff right.

    Also, this just gives me more respect for Suzuka as an artist. She is basically describing how she enters to “The zone/flow” and that whole Suzuka-Sumetal section… was pure gold.

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